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Thursday, 16 June 2011 13:08

By Denchi Minh

The Organic Food Industry is subject to very strict regulations that aim to protect consumers by ensuring that the extra cash they will pay for unrefined goods will be worth it. This is why numerous tests first need to be past before a farm can be certified as organic. Organic farming represents the sector of food production that does not use conventional and industrial means of growing crops and raising livestock. It incorporates the use of crop rotation to nourish the soil instead of industrial fertilizers, environmental management to provide as natural as possible habitat to livestock instead of overcrowded pens, and biodiversity through proper animal husbandry to ward off pests and diseases.

Organic Food can also come in other forms aside from being fresh. It can also come in a processed state provided that the non-organic additives to dot exceed 5% of the food. The number of additives applied should also not exceed the maximum limits imposed by law. Given below are some core features of organic farming.

1. The use of industrial fertilizers and pesticides is completely prohibited

2. Animals should live as natural as possible by being allowed to roam freely within the boundaries of the farm and mingle with the other animals.

3. Drugs such as antibiotics should only be used on ill animals. No periodic injections are allowed.

4. The soil should be maintained in a sustainable state through the help of manure, compose pits, and crop rotation.

5. Genetic modification of plants and animals is prohibited.

Regulation requires that only farms, growers, processors and importers that are duly recognized as organic can label their produce as Organic Food. The recognition should be made by the authoritative government body usually the Department of Agriculture or any other registered authoritative body. The certification organizations must ensure that the soil has been chemical free for the set number of years (usually two) and must also periodically send inspectors to the said farms to check for any irregularities in the processes employed. The inspectors should also check the condition of the animals to make sure there is no overcrowding and that the animals are comfortable with their surroundings.

Organic Food should always have a seal or certificate identifying the authoritative body that gave it the right to carry the said label. A code number that may or may not come together with the logo may also be used to represent the name of the certification body. Unrefined food can come in different states and only those that are 95%-100% organic can carry the label Organic Food. Those that are only 70%-94% organic can only claim that they come with organic ingredients and specifically state which ingredients are organic and which are not.

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How Eating Regularly And Frequently Can Help You Lose Weight PDF Print E-mail
Saturday, 04 June 2011 07:34

By Catherine Gray

When it comes to our eating habits it is not only what we eat that is important but when we eat and how often. Our body is a machine, and like many machines it likes to run on a schedule. As a result, eating regularly or on a schedule will actually help your body keep your metabolism up, and digest your food more effectively.

As I said before, our body is a machine, and our digestive system is a complex system that is regulated via hormones, neurotransmitters, and messenger molecules called cytokines. These components not only tell our brain and body when we're hungry but what our bodies are craving. Therefore if these components becomes misaligned in anyway, our entire digestive system is affected, and we will start craving more food, especially food that isn't good for us.

Eating regularly give us the ability to keep the machine that is our digestive system and food craving system functioning properly. As our body gets acclimated to the continuous food schedule, it will actually start producing insulin and other digestive enzymes in anticipation of the food your body knows is coming. As a result you will have less food cravings, and will be able to eat less, maintaining greater portion control as you eat.

It is not only important to eat regularly but eating more frequently keeps your metabolism up. By frequently I mean eating three meals and two snacks between your meals. Eating often allows your metabolism to get a continuous workout throughout the day, so it doesn't have time to slow down and store fat. In addition you are providing your body with a continuous supply of energy it can use. As a result, one of the pleasant side effects people often notice right away when they start eating better meals more frequently, is that they have more energy. Think about how much you would be able to accomplish if you didn't hit the mid-afternoon hump that often sends many people back to the coffee machine or sodas.

So if you're constantly hungry or craving food that you know is not good for you like processed carbohydrates and sugar, try to take back control of your body by eating regularly and frequently, more complete and balanced meals and snacks. Not only will you notice your cravings start to abate, but you will see that you will eat less and maintain more energy throughout your day.

Catherine E.P. Gray is the President & Founder of Inside-Out Beauty, LLC a full service image consulting company based in New York City that enables clients to achieve their personal and/or professional image goals by addressing all the interrelated aspects of one's image.

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