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Wednesday, 06 July 2011 17:18

By Dane C. Fletcher

If you are looking to get toned, bulk up, or just increase your energy levels then you may want to consider altering your diet by adding more muscle building foods. Getting exercise and working out obviously are crucial to getting the figure you want, but muscles can't be built if your body does not have the fundamental building blocks to make them with.

There are certain foods that build muscle that most of us have ready access to, they are all either high in fat and protein content, as well as oil and vitamins. These fats and proteins are used after a workout to plug the holes that were made in your muscles, thus strengthening them and also adding new mass. The more of this new mass that your body develops, the more built you look, and the stronger you become.

Some foods that are known as muscle enhancers are peanut butter, fish, almonds (as well as some other nuts), beef, olive oil, and eggs. This in no way is meant to be an exhaustive list, because there are many more foods that serve a similar purpose, but these are some of the best and most well known for their effects.

For example peanut butter is extremely high in protein and calorie dense, making it one of the more powerful bulking foods. Olive oil may not seem like it has much mass when you are drizzling it onto a power salad, but that slight sheen that you see reflecting off of your fork is packed with fat and is very rich. It will give you an extra kick that you would not otherwise get, and you can supplement further by adding nuts and fish to your diet.

Eating body building foods can be incredibly tasty, there isn't any need to force down an unseasoned boiled chicken each night. The very same ingredients being mentioned here are some of the best tasting foods and side items on the planet, so bulking never has to be a sacrifice of taste and enjoyment. As with anything however, moderation can make all the difference in the world, the same going for power training foods.

Finding foods that build muscle can be done by anyone who is willing to look hard enough at their local market, and who has the drive to improve their lifestyle and diet. These foods not only give you extra mass, they can make you generally healthy as well.

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Organic Vegan Supplements For Protein - The Easy Way PDF Print E-mail
Monday, 04 July 2011 12:57

By Gavin J King

For a very long time many vegans and vegetarians had to scrounge to find enough protein, and many times it still was not enough. From eating combinations of beans and rice to various other attempts, nothing worked perfectly. That is until a product called Veggie Protein by company called All Pro Science. They were started by NFL All Star tight end and future Hall of Fame nominee, Tony Gonzalez.

Veggie Protein is unique because of its ingredients, which include:

  • Hemp Protein- Is a widely known liver aid and can help in burning fats that usually do not get burned. Since it is a plant derivative it is hypoallergenic and causes less digestive problems. It also has GLA and two different forms of Omega fatty acids which all goes to help your skin, nails and hair. The taste is smooth and does not need augmentation.

  • Pea Protein-One of the most easily digested sources of protein and is renowned for removing fat deposits that otherwise would not be burned. It is easy on the digestive system and is hypoallergenic.

  • Brown Rice Protein-This is a great source of whole grain fiber and it has many valuable nutrients that most people rarely get in sufficient amounts. It has also been linked to reducing the risk of obesity, heart disease and diabetes.

  • Flaxseed powder-A long time health aid and is a near miracle as such. It is linked to lowering blood pressure, bad cholesterol, blood clots and help in heart health. It can also help in depression, ulcers and colon ailments. With an increased amount of fiber and vitamins it helps remove excess fat from the digestive tract.

Veggie Protein has a vibrant flavor sharpened by all natural ingredients like Goji, blueberry and Acai berry. They add in their own special amounts of vitamins, minerals and other vital health substrates. They offer their own sense of health and value to the mix, simply because they are natural sources of flavor and sweetness themselves.

The taste...

Unlike most proteins on the market, especially whey and soy protein, it does not have a chalky after taste or any lingering taste that will make you gag. Most people manage to choke down their protein shake because they know it is good for them, but Veggie Protein actually tastes good so it is pleasant to drink. The added benefit of knowing that what you are drinking is doing something good for your body is just an added bonus.

Nearly every protein powder on the market has too much sugar or too much fat, which is necessary when you are using animal sources of protein. They come with excess fat, and if they do not you have to add sugar to them to make them palatable. In contrast Veggie Protein sources are all natural and all plant sources so the fat content is naturally almost none, and given that it is sweetened with fruits you know that it does not have any added sugars, especially the kinds of sugar that most affect the insulin response like high fructose corn syrup, or sucrose sugar does.

Per serving power...

With 23 grams of protein per serving and only 1 gram of fat, this protein source really is the preferred organic vegan supplement for vegans and vegetarians. With a requirement of about 1 gram of protein per pound of bodyweight, Veggie Protein makes is easy to have balance in your diet. Unlike whey protein sources, or even soy sources, it does not cause allergic reactions or gaseous problems in the gut. Plant sources for protein are simply a better choice for your body.

The author enjoys writing articles about organic vegan supplements and is the webmaster of

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