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Three Easy Exercises For Stay-at-Home Moms

By Sue Baker

If you're a stay-at-home mom, finding time for an exercise program can be difficult. Sometimes you feel like you are being pulled in 37 directions at one time. There just never seems to be enough time for an exercise program. Here are three easy exercises that you can do every day without taking a lot of time to accomplish.

For the stay-at-home mom, laundry is usually an everyday occurrence. When you pick up the laundry basket, don't just pick it up and move on. Pick it up, and while holding it in front of you, do squats with it. The extra weight of the laundry will add to the effectiveness of the exercise. To add more weight to the exercise, place your baby in a sling or backpack and do the squats. If the laundry room is either upstairs or downstairs, jog up the stairs each time you go up.

Kids love to be outside. Take the kids for a walk and push the baby in a stroller. Walking is an excellent exercise and provides aerobic fitness. If you have a bicycle, get one of the tag-along trailers that kids can ride in. You can bike and the baby or small child gets to be outside and experiencing the world. If you live in town, riding a bicycle to do errands will do wonders for you and will help save on the gasoline bill.

Cooking is an everyday thing for the stay-at-home mom. Use the time you spend cooking to get some exercise in. When you pull that roast out of the freezer, do five or ten curls with each arm while it is in your hand. The weight is there; all you have to do is use it before you set it out to defrost. The same thing can be done with canned goods. After you pick up the canned goods, do five or ten curls with each arm. Then go open the can for dinner.

There you have three easy exercises for the stay-at-home mom to increase her fitness. Resistance training uses things that come to hand every day. Think about the things that you do each day and find your own ways to use what you do to make yourself healthier.

However, these three easy exercises and not enough on their own. For additional resources on how to stay fit while staying-at-home, here are Some workout tips for you.

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