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Want to Be Healthy? Check Your Spice Rack!

By Rebecca Marli

If you love the smell of fresh gingerbread baking in the oven, cinnamon, or other spices that you use especially in this time of the year, then you should know that they may be the key to a healthier life and you`re on the right track.

When you see the spice rack, you should think at opportunities for a better health, according to Dr. Glen Aukerman, leader of the Center for Integrative Medicine at Ohio State University Medical Center.

For instance, ginger may help with digestive problems. Previously, it was showed that the sense of fullness, bloating, or nausea may be stopped with ginger, said Dr. Aukerman.

Cinnamon is another holiday favorite that lowers the levels of triglycerides, LDL cholesterol - the so-called bad cholesterol, and increases the levels of good cholesterol, HDL. Cinnamon may be taken every day in pill form as a key supplement to the body.

Peppermint may help when you overeat. Peppermint teas or pills may prevent indigestion, according to Dr. Aukerman.

Peppermint can also act as a decongestant when you catch a cold, he added. Rosemary is another spice that may help year-round. Due to its properties, rosemary is a natural way to stop the headaches. For those who like to eat more spicy, cayenne pepper is indicated for arthritis or back pains.

If you want to add more spice to your life, you may try some of the following recipes: Empress Chili (Cincinnati-style), Gingersnaps, Chicken breasts with fresh fennel at the microwave, or Spicy stir-fried vegetables.

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