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The Dairy Calcium Myth

By Ben Kong

The Dairy Calcium Myth Milk is not as high in calcium as the dairy industry would have you believe. In Healthy Vitamins and Minerals by Jane Turner, under the section on Calcium, milk doesn't even make the first page and sits 35th on the list with 120mg of calcium per 100g.

Some of the foods that beat it by far are sesame seeds (670mg/100g, more than 5 times!), sardines (540), Nori seaweed (470), both more than triple, almonds (240, double!), figs (230) parsley, spinach, watercress, kale (200-170, and these are green vegetables!) even hazelnuts and oysters (140).

More importantly though what little calcium milk actually has is offset by the fact that it is barely absorbable by humans since cows milk is meant for baby cows. Dr William Ellis has conducted thousands of blood tests in people who drank 4 glasses of milk a day and found that they had lower levels of calcium than the rest of the population.

This is because milk interferes with the digestion of nutrients by clogging the stomach and intestines with mucous. On top of all this, cows these days are extremely unhealthy as they have been pumped full of drugs, hormones and antibiotics (to prop them up from the diseases they contract) in a bid to produce more milk faster. Milk has been found to have 59 active hormones, 52 antibiotic residues, scores of allergens and contaminants such as pus from diseased udders.

The bottom line through all of this is that, on whose authority are you trusting when it comes deciding what goes into your mouth? Yours or the supposed 'experts' in the health and food industry with highly toxic hidden agendas? On whose authority are you trusting when it comes to deciding what food best fuels your body for the intensity of your workouts and post recovery? Yours or the supposed 'experts' in the health and food industry with highly toxic hidden agendas? On whose authority are you trusting when it comes to deciding what you should ingest to keep you not only healthy but alive? Yours or the supposed 'experts' in the health and food industry with highly toxic hidden agendas?

Get the picture?

Nutrition forms the absolute cornerstone for unleashing the ultimate physique that lies within you - clean functional nutrition based on what your body requires, not what someone would like you to eat so they can line their pockets are totally two different things. Before you eat anything that you believe should form part of your training regime, don't just take some 'expert's' word for gold, question everything. Seriously, don't even take my word for gospel - check it out and test out how accurate the above data is compared to what you hear day in day out from the health and food industry. If you're serious about making changes to your body and life, even if you do this just once, as soon as you see for yourself that what you're being told by those you've always believed you can trust is not always the truth, you will never go back. The truth will empower you to seek the truth out yourself and ensure your authority becomes rooted in what's accurate because your authority will be none other than your own.

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