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Bored Of Exercising? Add Some Music!

By Jane Ester

Daily routine of diet and exercise demands a continuous persuasion. This process may turn out to be tiresome after a period of time. But when we are determined to remain fit and beautiful, it is our duty to invigorate our mind so that it can go with our physical activities. We have to accept that the mind has more control over our body than anything else. So, we should not take any chance with our mind… just don’t let it get bored by the routine bound life. But the big question is ‘what can we do about it?’ We need to follow exercising and dieting schedule to keep fit…but how to help the fitness of our mind! Worry not! Where there is a will, there is a way. Music…it may be a medicine for the broken hearts, yet it has a great power to fill your mind with excitement and make you bouncy. Music has been a part of meditation and Yoga, also an aid to relaxation and peace. The power of sound can help you feel energetic and vivacious; you just need to know how to use this power skillfully in strategic places so that it benefits you. Here are some tips for you following which you can add excitement to your monotonous schedule of daily exercise.

While your neighbor will be sweating out rigorously with a serious expression on the treadmill, you will be humming the tune of your favorite song and enjoying your sweating out… because you know how to fill your workout time with joy! ­­­­­­­­­­­­­­

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